Butterball Cookies

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Do you want a bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery, sugary, perfect cookie? Look no further – this recipe for Butterball Cookies is just what you are looking for! Butterball Cookies My mom has been making these cookies for as long as I can remember. She used to only make them at Christmas, and it …

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Citrus-Herb Marinated Chicken

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This recipe for Citrus-Herb Marinated Chicken has some great summery flavors of lemon and fresh herbs. Grill it when the weather is nice, or bake it under the broiler if it’s not so summery outside. Citrus-Herb Marinated Chicken We don’t eat a lot of chicken around here. We have lots of …

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Are There Antibiotics In My Meat?

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Are there antibiotics in meat? Farmer Doc and I raise cattle, and we are both veterinarians. With more and more food labels coming out (like ones that say “no antibiotics” or “raised without antibiotics”) we get asked this question a lot. The very short answer to this question is no, …

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Mom Knows Best Giveaway!

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**UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed and the winner has been notified. Thanks to everyone who entered! Please be sure to check out the comments for some more great ideas on fast and easy weeknight meals! As a new mom, I have really struggled to get meals on the table. …

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Is It Mean To Take A Calf Away From Its Mom?

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Part of raising cattle is taking the calves away from their moms. On dairy farms, this happens right after the calves are born. On beef farms, this usually happens when the calves are 6-8 months old. Is It Mean To Take A Calf Away From Its Mom? There is really …

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