What’s That Stuff Inside My Turkey?

whats that stuff inside my turkey featured

One important step in roasting a turkey is to check inside the turkey when it’s thawed. Do you know what is inside your turkey? What’s That Stuff Inside My Turkey? Roasting a beautiful turkey can actually be pretty fun! It does take a little bit of planning ahead to get your …

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How to Can a Lot In a Hurry

how to can a lot featured

When you have a lot of tomatoes to can, you need an efficient way to get all your jars processed. Let me tell you how! Farmer Doc planted 25 tomato plants in our garden this year. That’s right, twenty-five. With so many tomato plants, you know that means we have had …

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Turkey BLT Wraps

turkey blt wraps featured

These Turkey BLT Wraps are the perfect fast, easy, healthy, and filling lunch! Great for a leisurely lunch with friends or a fast lunch on the go. Everything is better with bacon! Turkey BLT Wraps Summers are busy for everyone, and farmers are no exception! This summer has been one …

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Are There Antibiotics in Milk?

are there antibiotics in milk featured

Do you buy milk for your family? I sure do, my son loves it! I know it’s one of the best foods for him as he is growing. Some moms are concerned that there might be antibiotics in milk. I want you to stop worrying – there are never antibiotics …

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Sweet Corn on a Cow Farm

sweet corn centerpiece featured

Not all corn is created equal! We recently invited bloggers to visit our farm to see how we raise sweet corn and beef cows. Farmer Doc and I were thrilled to have a small group of bloggers come out to our farm. Hil’Lesha from To the Motherhood and Brooke from …

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