Uh oh…

Martin stole my chair ages ago.DSC_0015
There was no sitting on this chair until I cleaned it off.martin chair 3
Today, I decided to reclaim my chair.  So I busted out the vacuum and went to work.martin chair after 2

While I was vacuuming, I noticed this. water stain 3

Oh yeah, there’s a “water” stain on the cushions.water stain 4
Anyone who has a cat in the house, specifically a male cat in the house, specifically four cats in the house, knows what I thought this stain was at first.

Looking carefully, there are at least 3 different overlapping stains.  Even a worse omen for the furry boys.

But, it didn’t smell like male cat pee. Or old cat pee. Or cat pee in general.

So I looked up.

Damn.ceiling 1  Oh yes. A wet spot on the ceiling.ceiling 3
Not cat pee. Roof pee.ceiling 4
Water, leaking through our roof.ceiling 6

It’s an area about 7 feet by 2 feet. And yes, it’s still damp.

Good thing it’s snowing instead of raining today! Honey, please come home soon!

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  1. You can join Cris and call your insurance and get a new ceiling. Sounds good to me They don’t make buckets that long. I guess you just use plastic.

  2. HA! I just snorted out loud as I read “roof pee”. :)

  3. Leah took my first response, and Ann took my second one, so I am going with “Yeah! The cats are off the hook, at least for this time!”

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