So close!

I thought I was going to be able to blog from the plane.

I got on the plane, and it is a Wi-Fi Hot Spot! Yay!

DSC_0204 I was so excited… I haven’t blogged in forever. And I miss it. And I miss you. And here I was, with an hour of “found time” online! What a perfect excuse!

We got up to cruising altitude, and I fired up my laptop, all aquiver with anticipation.

My first flight with Wi-Fi!

Sort of.

I connected to the Wi-Fi, and realized I had to pay for access.

Sad. :(

Don’t get me wrong. Bags fly free. (Instead of for $25 like on other airlines.) And I love that. I am not complaining (too loud). So $5 for a Wi-Fi connection really isn’t all that bad. I just didn’t want to dig out my wallet and find my card info and spend five bucks for an hour.

So I wrote this post instead, and will have to wait to post it until I am back on the ground.

Ah well. Maybe now that I’m up and running, I’ll get some other posts written, too!

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  1. You were flying Southwest weren’t you?? Can’t tell I have spent a lot of time on a plane lately can you?!?

  2. I love seeing the ground from up that high. It really does look like a quit, God’s quilt! Enjoy!

  3. Ha, you guessed it, Liz! Thought about tweaking the photo so the name on the wing really stood out, but decided not to.

    Lana, I have some more from-the-air photos I’ll probably post soon. Been playing with my new toy! 😉

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