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Remodel Monday – Hanging photos


No, we’re not remodeling anything new. (Phew! That was one heck of a project!) But I am working on doing some decorating in the house, finally! I was inspired to get the ball moving on this by my friend, Jessie. She and her new husband moved into their house 6 …

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Organized Pantry

Not too long ago, we had a mouse in our pantry. I needed an excuse to clean out and reorganize the pantry anyway. So I jumped on this project one night after Baby Doc went to bed. During our home remodel, we put in a very large pantry. It’s huge. …

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Put on your coats, girls!


It’s snowed, it’s thawed, it’s rained. It was 45 degrees today, headed towards a high of 9 degrees next week. It must be winter in Indiana! The cats and I stay nice and toasty warm inside all winter long. But what about our cows? Sorry to say, but I am …

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Muddy boots


I grew up in New Jersey, and spent my college and veterinary school years in New England. I am used to the winter. Heck, I learned how to drive on the ice in NJ and spent over 30 days in a row where the temperature never got above 20 degrees …

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Cleaning the basement


This is not your run-of-the-mill “we need to sweep the floors and knock down the cobwebs once a year” sort of basement cleaning. This is serious basement cleaning. One of the drawbacks of doing some of the work for our home remodel ourselves is that, well, the construction guys didn’t …

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